Our Middle/High School is the only integrated arts focus academic environment in West Michigan.

GREAAT will……

  • Provide global inspiration to tap into the amazing capability of every student and set the standard for arts education in the State of Michigan and beyond.
  • Make available access to a unique opportunity for experiential learning, mentorship through world-renowned arts partnerships, and teaching artists
  • Cultivate an intimate learning environment that fosters consistent and dedicated focus on each student
    •25 students per class, with 75 students per grade to promote individual student achievement
  • Rank in the top 10% of schools in Grand Rapids, and exceed at 90% graduation rate.
  • Graduate students with training that will help prepare them for a variety of career choices in arts, including dance, theatre, music, production, visual arts, digital media, and recording.
  • Offer a variety of sports teams for building physical fitness and developing social relationships through team camaraderie.
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