Performing Arts Courses

Our home is West Michigan, but our resources are global.


ur students will have global learning and skill development.  Our students will have access to a unique opportunity for experiential learning, mentorships through world-renowned artists, arts partnerships and teaching artists, and will receive training/volunteer opportunities in a variety of career choices in the arts.

Students will create Digital Portfolios spanning 7th and 8th grade, 9th and 10th grade, and 11th and 12th grade of their selected academic presentations and/or performing and artistic projects.  During each two-year span, students will present their portfolios to be examined for advancement and graduation.  Students who apply to colleges will be able to submit their portfolio for auditions and/or scholarships.

GREAAT students will enjoy a performing arts curriculum that will enrich their hearts and minds. Areas of study will include…

Instrumental Music

  • Band: reading and playing music, techniques for playing music and the care of their instrument

  • Guitar: play guitar, sight-reading and following dynamics and key signatures

  • Keyboard: musical dynamics, harmony, blending, appropriate posture and breathing techniques

  • Orchestra: Students will be able to play piccolo, bass clarinet, tenor saxophone, bassoon, and oboe
  • Music Ensemble: ideal for students pursuing Instrumental Music

Vocal Music

  • Choir: harmony, rhythm, sol-feg, and melody


  • Dance:  spatial and kinesthetic awareness, dance movement, balance, proper alignment, dance steps, positions and patterns, and weight shifts
  • BALLET:  rhythmical accuracy, traditional ballet steps, rhythmical accuracy

  • Jazz Dance:  dance skills, both technical and rhythmical
  • Modern Dance:  complex movement, style, performance, quality, and dynamics

Graphic Arts

  • Graphic Art:  drawing and designing on computers using art terminology regarding form, line, color, and perspective, vector and raster graphics, typography, layout design, advertising & packaging, and corporate identity

  • Film/Video:  multimedia design skills, video/film production; production work in Video Editors; Animators; CD-ROM and Web Programmers; DVD Designers; Graphic Designers; 3-D Animators

Theatre Arts

  • Drama: acting skills, character development & stagecraft and production
  • Acting:  practice monologues and auditioning

  • Theatre Troup:  Acting ability both individually and as part of an ensemble and audition
  • Stagecraft:  Production including lighting, costuming, and set construction, costumes, props, and audience
  • Costume & makeup: creating the actors’ appearance, designing costumes, design the look of the show
  • Directing & Stage Managing:  techniques for directing productions
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